Subcontracting Logistics in Switzerland

Why was Bemapack created?

We are aware of the difficulty that the management of a company requires.

Logistics is a whole job that requires a know-how and a strong discipline. This is sometimes forgotten and taken lightly by the companies, which can lead to problems of management, who have generally an impact not only on the internal productivity of the company, but also to the final customer.

We created Bemapack to overcome this problem and allow companies to entrust this work to a specialist so that they can focus on their real job, namely the development of their structure, while knowing that the management of their products and their stock is in good hands.

Our work at Bemapack is to offload you from certain tasks in order to let you concentrate on the essentials.

We have a solution for you. 

Every company has an organization, specific needs and demands. It is for this reason that we adapt in order to offer a customized service to each client.

Due to our presence in Switzerland, in France, and Poland, we have the possibility to cover the entire European continent and to offer you the most appropriate and effective solution depending on your goals.