General Conditions Bemapack Sàrl

Art.1: Field of activity:

Bemapack Sàrl is a service fulfillment company providing logistics services such as:

– Warehousing

– Stock management

– Shipping of merchandise at National and International level

1.1: Features and restrictions:

Bemapack Sàrl commits to store the merchandise under optimal storage conditions and in safety, as well as to carry out the shipment of the goods according to the requests of its customers in the disposition of the agreements concluded between the two parts.

It should be noted that throughout the collaboration, the merchandise remains the property of the customer and that the company Bemapack Sàrl does not intervene in any case in the process of sale to the final recipient.

The company Bemapack Sàrl does not support the commodities or the materials that are considered dangerous.

Art.2: Establishment of the working relationship:

All services provided by Bemapack Sàrl to an outside party is considered to be a working relationship.

2.1: Establishment of the offer:

The offers provided by Bemapack Sàrl are valid for a period of 30 days from the date of delivery of these to the applicant of the offer.

2.2: Employment Contract:

Once the offer is accepted, Bemapack Sàrl and the customer will be bound by a contract signed by both parties mentioning the terms of the employment relationship.

2.3: Termination of the employment contract :

The employment contract may be terminated as long as it complies with the conditions mentioned in it.

Art 3: Conditions of services:

3.1: Delivery and Storage of the merchandise.

Bempack Sàrl commits to store the goods of its customers in a secure place and in optimal storage conditions according to the terms of the contract concluded at the beginning of the working relationship.

3.2: Insurance of stored products:

In the absence of a special agreement between the two parties, the custodian of the products is responsible for ensuring the stored merchandise throughout the working relationship.

3.3: Shipment and merchandise:

Bemapack Sàrl commits to package and process the goods in a professional manner respecting the customer’s requests according to the contract of employment established between the two parties.

3.4: Limitation of liability:

Merchandise transport :

Unless a special pre-established conditions were discussed, Bemapack Sàrl uses external transport providers. It can therefore estimate but not provide guarantees on delays and possible delays, losses or damages occurring during the transport of the merchandise.

The End of liability:

The liability of Bemapack Sàrl ends when the merchandise transported are accepted by its agent.

BemaPack Sàrl reserves the right to ask its clients to post a bond, to ensure the shipping cost paid in advance by the company.

Art 4: For and Applicable law:

For all disputes between the parties to the contract, the For is located at the location of the service provider Bemapack Sàrl and is applicable according to the laws of Switzerland.

Art 5: Protection of personal data

5.1: What information do we collect?

The data you send us: The information you give us when you make use of our services, send us your comments or report a problem on our website. The information may include, full name, company, phone, email address date of birth.

The information we collect after visiting our website:

When you visit our website, we may automatically collect the following information:

– Technical Information: (Information about your type of navigation device, your browser type, your time zone.

– Information about your visit: Product(s) or page(s) you visited, time on pages, upload errors.

– Information we receive from other sources: Information from third parties (social networks)

How do we use this information?

We will only use this information to share our latest offers, news, articles and services and to ensure that the content of our site is presented effectively to you.

With whom will we share this information?

We may share your information with our affiliates, business partners and subcontractors (to enable us to offer you our services), data analysis and search engine providers, or if we are required to share your data in order to comply with a legal obligation.


Access your information

You have the possibility to have access to your information at any time as well as the treatment that we make of it.

Delete your information

You have the opportunity at any time to ask us to delete your information.


5.2 Cookies:

What are Cookies?

A cookie is a small text file sent by the web server and stored on your device when you visit a website.

Cookies allows the site to function effectively and improve the services offered; they also provide the site owner with information that allows them to do statistics or advertising to personalize your browsing experience by remembering your preferences (remembering, for example, the language and currency you have selected to recognize you on your next visit, etc.)